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  • Network Port Scanner can scan any IP address or range of addresses for any port or range of ports. This is a very powerful networking utility and has many advanced features including multi-threading, see the link for more information.
  • Share Scanner can scan an IP network for a list of servers and their shared drives shared drives.
  • TraceRoute tells you how many hops (routers) are between your PC and another destination. It will also show you the slowest connection point.
  • Ping Utility allows you to change the size of the packets, the timeout, and the number of packets to ping.
  • NetStats shows all of the current connections on your PC and their current state. It also shows what ports applications are listening on. You can set the refresh rate at any speed you wish.
  • Advanced DNS Utility shows you extended information on a given hostname or IP address. You can also lookup the mail exchange servers, or domain name servers for a specific domain. Query types available: A,ANY,NS,MX,SOA.
  • ARP Configuration allows you to add/remove ARP entries and view the ARP table all from a Windows GUI.
  • Route Configuration allows you to add/remove Routing entries and view the route trable all from a Windows GUI.
  • Adapter Configuration allows you to view all adapters and add remove IP addresses of individual adapters using a Windows GUI.
  • IP Configuration shows you all of the configuration information for all of the adapters on your system.
  • IP Availability allows you to see what IP addresses are available on a subnet.
  • Command Test, a utility for connecting to an open port and testing commands. Works like a telnet client but you can send 1 line at a time.
  • Whois Client where you can configure the whois server for multiple DNS name types.
  • With ANT you don't even need to use the main GUI interface, all menus are accessable from the system tray icon!
  • Plugins, allows you to create links on your ANT menu to any external application.
  • New feature to allow checking for updates on the web.
  • Click Here for help and screenshots of ANT 3.0

    ANT requires either Windows 98/ME, NT4 (SP4 or later), Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

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