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The DreamSys Software Tiff2PDF Converter is an application that will convert TIFF files into PDF. It is written to be small, fast and efficient. It can convert a single file, a directory of files, or an XML document containing TIFF links into a PDF. This application is free and makes use of the DreamSys Tiff to PDF API Library which is free for developers of free public software.

You can freely use this program and distribute it with your own programs as long as they are public and freely available. If you want to use this application with your own internal business applications, you can for a small fee, contact us for details. The source code is also available for purchase if you wish, please contact us for details on this as well!

The Tiff2PDF Converter application is written as a Win32 console application, it's usage is as follows:

tiff2pdf <option> output.pdf

        -xml filename
        -file filename
        -path directory

The -file parameter is the path to a .tif file that you want converted into a single page PDF.
The -path parameter is the path to a directory containing .tif files that you want converted into a multi-page PDF.
The -xml parameter is the path to an XML file that describes how you want to create a multi-page PDF, with sections (bookmarks) given the TIFF files.

Here is a sample of the XML you would use as input:

		<Section name="Section A">
			<Tiff file="c:\testfile1.tif"/>

		<Section name="Section B">
			<Tiff file="c:\testfile2.tif"/>

		<Section name="Section C">
			<Tiff file="c:\other_directory\testfile1.tif"/>
			<Tiff file="c:\another_directory\testfile10.tif"/>

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